Aligned: 1) set in good order; 2) collectively supporting a vision, person, or organization; 3) in agreement

Aligned Commercial Real Estate

Aligned Commercial helps generate profit inspired and shaped by honorable principles. We do this by providing comprehensive, value-rich service. Our hope is for you to realize individual and community success. We are excited to work with you to create these outcomes and rewards. 

True Success...

…cannot come at the expense of another or an ecosystem. Aligned Commercial clients–Fortune 500 members and national corporations, local investors and entrepreneurs, and charitable organizations alike–operate with this philosophy. We love working with people who understand the importance of community and  commodity. The numbers speak for themselves…


Dozens and dozens of completely satisfied clients who keep coming back for more.


Hundreds of transactions with values ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars each.


Thousands of employees and community members positively impacted by our guidance.


One relationship at a time, with your wants and needs tended to with head and heart.

Quality Services

Investment Sales/Purchases

If your goal is to buy or sell an investment property, our experience, knowledge and relationships across the country will help you achieve your objectives. We will spend significant time and energy learning about and acting on your requirements.

Owner-User Purchases

As an entrepreneur, executive, or manager of your business, we will come to know and regard your real estate and operational needs, and ownership desires. From there, we provide top-to-bottom expert and caring guidance to help you realize your dreams.


Our team knows what it is like to be a landlord and tenant. From these perspectives and exhaustive lease brokerage experience, we know that mutually beneficial outcomes are achievable in any lease transaction. We can help provide this outcome for you.

Property Management

Whether large multi-tenant buildings in the big city or smaller investments on small-town Main Street, we understand the nuances associated with operating profitable and fairly-run properties. We will be successful and personable stewards of your property.


Sometimes you need an expert or sympathizer to talk with about your challenges, successes, concerns, and desires. Sometimes you need to talk numbers and other times share your ideas or frustrations. We listen and provide experience-based specific recommendations.

Additional Services

Architecture recommendations and affiliations, engineering assistance and direction, construction advice and suggestions, governing policy information and guidance, and much more can go into real estate decisions. We and our affiliates can help you.

Experienced, Engaged, and Effective

The team at Aligned Commercial Real Estate has decades of experience building businesses, portfolios, communities, and dreams as brokers, property managers, consultants, volunteers, and mentors.

Our Skills and Values Align
with Your Objectives

Project Snapshots

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