About Us

About Us

Aligned Commercial Real Estate provides value-based brokerage, management, and consulting to clients.

Projects we work on repeatedly illustrate commercial real estate can lead the way in creating universally beneficial individual, business, and community growth. We help produce meaningful impact and plentiful rewards. 


Our expertise helps clients build portfolios, businesses, wealth, and vital ecosystems with principled advocacy for all impacted by our work.


There is no such thing as success if it comes at the expense of others. We honor the ethic that individual reward is best realized in the context of community.


We value the richness of a culture, recognize the importance and challenges of diversity, and are bound by the power of agreement in the creation of a healthy heritage.

A Note from Aligned’s Founder

When I first got into commercial real estate brokerage nearly 20 years ago, I was disheartened by what I perceived to be its singular pursuit: money. I almost left the industry, but instead decided to change how relationships are built and transactions get done. This required me to look at other industries, places, and people. 

Before owning a real estate brokerage and property management company, I learned the value of teamwork and effective leadership as an international whitewater river guide and founder of a global adventure travel business. Then, I learned it researching and writing books on fostering good in communities. Finally, I learned it as a father when my kids shared their concerns about the future of the world. These experiences helped me realize that one can align values, community, and what matters most to our children in order to create better approaches to business. Now, our team tries to live this credo with Aligned’s efforts to make this industry driven by economics and heart.

I have owned businesses for decades that operate in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and around the world. I consider myself blessed to have witnessed first-hand both thriving and threadbare places. I believe that, regardless of walk of life, all people deserve fair and principled advocates in their efforts to achieve as individuals and as part of an evolving community. Aligned Commercial Real Estate strives to be that advocate. 

Our brokers partner with clients who share in the pursuit of greater good. We hope to work for and with you. Thanks for considering us.


Ken Streater



We work with and represent individual investors, REITs, government agencies, charitable organizations, private and public schools, large and small tenants, Fortune 500 members, local property and business owners, and many others.

We intentionally are not an overburdened brokerage nor a listing clearinghouse. We do not boast about our client’s transactions with a tally sheet of deals listed by dollar amount. There is far more to success than that list suggests.

We choose to work with select clients from around the country who seek top-shelf, individualized service. Feel free to email or call us to ask about who we work with and the benefits they have realized.

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