Aligned Commercial’s specialty is deeply focusing on each client and their wants and needs. Here are a few quick stories about how some of these clients–and the communities they live in and serve–benefited from our work.

International Data Network Operating Center Purchase

A Fortune 500 client has worked with us over the years to secure high-value, mission-critical assets for his portfolio. This portfolio is used in part to fund his family’s philanthropic pursuits, which include the construction and operation of Hope Lodges. Hope Lodge facilities are owned by the American Cancer Society to provide temporary housing for cancer patients (and their families) who are undergoing medical treatment away from their home.  

This client sought properties with long-term leases that provide legacy income to help fund Hope Lodges around the United States. In this case, we sourced an off-market property that is the network operating control center for international data transmission. Put simply, the eight-figure property is where underseas cabling from Asia and elsewhere comes on land in North America and is then distributed via high-speed fiber optic cable networks throughout the lower 48 states and Alaska. This building is critical to international commerce.

As the result of this purchase and the related income from this property and others we have helped him acquire, our client continues to fund Hope Lodges across the country.

Remote Alaska Lodge Business and Property Sale

A retired Marine combat veteran who sought peace (and an income stream) years ago purchased a relatively remote wilderness lodge in Alaska. After years of running this lodge, his health took a turn for the worse. Needing to sell the business to move closer to family, the owner reached out to us after not finding success with a local broker. We listed the business and real estate for sale and utilized our national network of colleagues and our international marketing platforms to attract a buyer. Our outreach worked. After a few months on the market, we were contacted by a Southern California billiards hall owner who had spent time as a young adult being a tour guide in Alaska. That experience stayed with him over the decades and he couldn’t shake his Last Frontier bug. 

After many conversations, site visits, and through friendly and professional negotiations, a deal was struck and the transaction was set to close. Everything was aligned. Until another bug almost derailed this sale. The final stages of closing took place during the Covid-19 shutdown. This shutdown included the Alaska Beverage Commission not holding regular meetings. Since the lodge had a liquor license, the transaction was dependent on the transfer of the license to the buyer. At the 23rd hour, the Commission held a zoom meeting and approved of this transfer. The seller now lives near one of his daughters and is back to health. And the new owner is getting his fill of Alaska while providing great experiences for tourists and jobs to locals in this tiny community.

Charter School Campus Development and Purchase

In addition to representing many charitable organizations, we have a long history of helping charter schools find new homes that allow for their growth and contribution to their communities. Two of them in Oregon are now among the largest and most successful in terms of helping students realize their potential, find their path, and become lifelong learners. And, these two organizations are very different places of education, which makes our work with them all the more rewarding. One offers their student body a beautiful palette of options, attracting students with varied cultural preferences and spiritual backgrounds. The other fantastically succeeds as a Christian school that provides comprehensive faith-based instruction.  

With deep and meaningful relationships with the respective administrators, we worked hard to help the schools secure bare land, work through development processes, purchase existing buildings, and set up leases, so that their facilities match each school’s respective mission. Recognizing the indelible value that each institution brings to the community, we proudly continue to support and work with these organizations. 

We like to think we have played a good role as brokers, consultants, and advocates, as each school has grown from a few dozen to several hundred students. They have expanded their reach and positive impact to other communities throughout the region, as students from dozens of miles away show up every day to learn, have fun, feel proud, work through challenges, and grow.

Local Business Sales, Purchases, and Leasing

From a plastics fabrication company to a sushi restaurant to a storage container business, we have helped countless clients live their dreams and help their communities. Whether to secure space in an office building, buy land to build a new headquarters, or purchase buildings to run their business, local entrepreneurs have turned to us for guidance to grow their enterprises and to positively impact their environment.

One story seems appropriate here. In the 2010’s, three restauranteurs from Southern California were introduced to our brokerage via another client we had helped. These three met with us one afternoon and asked us to help them find a location in our town for them to open a sushi restaurant. They wanted to leave the hubbub of the big city and move to a smaller town. With our local knowledge, we knew of one space that could become available based on an existing tenant wanting to close shop. After touring town to see all options, the sushi operators decided on that one location. For months, we politely and professionally kept in touch these clients, periodically providing updates as the other business closing took over a year. Ultimately, we helped them successfully negotiate a lease for this property. 

Their business has thrived ever since. We knew they had made it when, years ago, we went to have lunch and saw local ranchers in cowboy hats eating sashimi. Today, their restaurant is one of the most popular in town. In addition, they have opened a nearby meditation center, recently bought a local donut shop, and have purchased a couple of investment properties. We cherish our professional relationship and friendship with these business owners, and innumerable others. 

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